Soccer with the NCFC Cyclones

Goals and Philosophy

The mission of the Cyclones team is to foster a love for soccer. This is measured by the amount of players who continue to play soccer in subsequent seasons. We build the love for soccer by following the US Soccer Grassroots philosophy and implementing Play-Practice-Play.

Play-Practice-Play is a plan for practices that has a phase of a play period of small sided games such as 1v1 and 2v2 games, followed by a practice that concentrates on a particular area, and finally another play period that involves the entire team playing soccer that is similar to a real soccer game. We aim to have no laps, lines, or lectures.

One of the ways parents can help with providing a positive atmosphere by following the Sideline Communication Tips. Players can help by following the player expectations.

The Cyclones coaches have a notably distinct style of coaching. The US Soccer Certified Training teaches NOT to "joystick" the players, and not to command them exactly what moves to do during games. It is distracting, and it limits the personal growth of the players. If the players are left to make their own decisions, they are allowed to make mistakes, and they very quickly learn from this and they grow faster. We try to use guided questions instead.


About the Head Coach

The heach coaches' name is  Joshua "Mitch" Franklin. In addition to being a software developer, Mitch is the volunteer head coach of the Cyclones, the NCFC Youth boys soccer team. His son is a player on the Cyclones. He has coached youth soccer since 2018, and he has a U.S. Soccer 7v7 Online Grassroots License.

Playing Time

A good effort is made to ensure that players get equal playing time. During games, ideally each player will play for at least 50% of the game.

Each season typically consists of 11 practices and 8 games. However, there will likely be fewer games and practices until the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. Also, sometimes games are rescheduled due to field closings.


Communication with the Coaches

Usually, the best way to communicate with the coaches is by email. We send emails to the parents that contain contact information. If you need to contact us urgently such as notifying us that you will be late for a game, please use text message or phone instead. You can also talk to us in person.

If you do not have our contact information, please visit the LinkedIn page of the head coach Mitch and send him a message there. You can also email him at, but this is not the preferred email address as it oftentimes goes to the spam folder. Please keep an eye out for emails from us for our primary contact information.


From Coach Mitch: I had a mom tell me once,"Moms love photos!" Usually at our boys soccer practice and games, it's the dads that bring the kids. Whether you are a dad or a mom, please take some photos of your player on the field to share with the other parent. I usually gather the team together during a game or two and allow the parents to take a team photo, but we will probably avoid this during the height of COVID-19. I also encourage you to take a photo of your child in uniform by himself each season. Please respect the privacy of the other children and do not share photos of them on the web or social media without their parent's permission.